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November 9, 2021

YouTube to M4A Converter

Convert YouTube Videos To M4A

YouTube is one of the biggest places to enjoy music but filled with ads. To enjoy music the best option is to download and listen to it offline. We offer free conversion and downloading of YouTube videos in M4A format.

How To Convert Youtube Videos To M4A?

To convert and download YouTube videos into M4A formats you need to follow the steps below –
  1. Copy the URL of any YouTube video.
  2. Paste it into our M4A converter.
  3. Click on the M4A as shown in the image below.



What Is M4A Format?

A MPEG-4 audio file with the M4A extension is an MPEG4 audio file. Apple developed the M4A format as a successor to the MP3 format. Even though the M4A format is better than MP3 it is not used much. Still, due to advances in technology, we have M4A format as result.

Which is better M4A or MP3?

M4A and MP3 formats both act as a great extension of audio formats. Let’s see on certain parameters how both formats perform –
  • SizeDue to the lossy compression present in M4A it takes larger space in comparison to MP3 format.
  • Sound QualityWhen it comes to sound quality M4A can provide better sound than MP3.
  • Compatibility – You can listen to MP3 on almost any device but that’s not the case with M4A. It is only compatible with a limited of number devices.
In conclusion, both M4A and MP3 have their pros and cons. Anyways the best part is you can convert YouTube videos to both M4A and MP3 formats using our downloader.

Other Formats in which you can convert YouTube Videos?

When you are converting your YouTube video to M4A using our tool at the same time you can convert it in all the formats below –
  • 3GP format
  • MP4 [Low Quality] Format
  • MP4 [High Quality] Format
  • MP4 [Without Audio] Format
  • MP3 Format
  • WEBM Format

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